Message from the Principal

School Principal

Well – we made it! Another incredible year has come to a close and what a year it has been. It is always a sad time as we say goodbye to students who are moving on and some of our teachers too.
It has been a productive year and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Our teachers have worked tirelessly putting forth new, innovative strategies to help students learn to the best of their abilities.
Our students have worked incredibly hard on classwork, homework, special projects, and succeeded time and time again, proving their character and dedication to learning.
All students from all ages have entertained us throughout the year with an assortment of events, especially on the stage. Their confidence has grown and grown and was very clearly evident during the Christmas concerts and Graduations that we have had.
I encourage you to work hard in school and set goals for yourself, and stay focused on those goals in order for you all to reach your true potential.